By GM 10/13/2021
[Notice] Official Announcement of Nonparticipation of CFPH Pro-Teams in CFS 2021 Grand Final
83    10/13/2021
[Notice] Official Announcement of Nonparticipation of CFPH Pro-Teams in CFS 2021 Grand Final

Dear Mercenaries,

We regret to inform you that we Smilegate, the host of CFS 2021 Grand Final which will be held in South Korea, has officially determined to exclude the pro-players representing for Philippine in the CFS 2021 Grand Final.

Reasons for determining the nonparticipation of Philippines in CFS 2021 Grand Final are:
- Smilegate has internally reviewed the participation of Philippine national teams on CFS Grand Final for the first time in the recent 2 years.
- Nevertheless, in regards to the issuance of Korean Visa for CFS 2021 Grand Final scheduled to be held in South Korea, Philippine is currently a country subject to quarantine reinforcement under COVID-19 and is "suspended Visa issuance" entering to South Korea.

We have done our best looking for any routes that can apply for Korean Visa from various ways, such as visa priority screening but turned out that it is impossible for the Philippine national teams to enter South Korea to participate in the tournament within a limited time.
In conclusion, they can't participate in the CFS 2021 Grand Finals, which will be held offline despite of no spectators.

As you all may know, Philippines is already at the core of the Smilegate eSports roadmap and aims to participate in the Grand Finals if Visa issue-related laws and regulations are withdrawn and eased in the future from the restrictions of COVID-19 protocols.
In the case of online competitions that do not require entry to Korea, we do promise that Philippine professional teams will be given continuous opportunities to participate in international e-sports competitions in the future.

In regards with this, some of the items related to the previously sold in 2020 or 2021 will be released on the upcoming patches for users who have been awaiting the said event. We will update you with more details once confirmed

Again, we deeply apologize for this bad news causing the unavoidable decision. We hope that you will still continue to support the Philippine Pro-teams on the future tournaments that they will be participating.

For the details of the CFS 2021 Grand Final, please visit CF Star official website here,

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Crossfire Philippines Management
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