By CrossFire 11/12/2019
[GUIDE] Character Common Option
83    11/12/2019

The Character Option Guide system is a new feature for the JNS-Thalassa character that allows you to change a current effect available on your character.
 *For now, this feature is available for JNS-Thalassa.

If you wish to enjoy the new Character Option feature, go to the Item Shop and purchase the new JNS-Thalassa character.


Once you have the character, see the guide below to know how it works
1. Go to your account storage in-game and select the settings in JNS-Thalassa's thumbnail. (See the yellow box on the image below)

2. The current skills that are equipped on your character are on the left.


3. You can change a skill based on your preference.

Just do the following:
- Make sure to highlight the skill that you want to change
- once you selected the skill that you want to change, click Random Change

- Choose wheter you like to change it One Time or 10 Times
- For this guide, we will choose "10 times"

(Purchased 10pcs of Character Option Change)


- You can still pick your current skill or choose (1) one on the (10) ten options given.
- Just click on the skill and hit 'Confirm'

*The skills that can be chosen are random.
*Change 10x to gain an extra skill pick


Sub-Weapon Auto Reload All Modes Sub-weapon (eg. Desert Eagle) will be automatically reloaded after 3 to 4 seconds of not being used.
Immune to Friendly Grenade Damage  All Modes Frag Grenades from your team mates will not have damage on you.
Reduced Falling Damage  All Modes The damage you receive after jumping from a higher ground is less.
Reduced Flash Bang Effect All Modes Blind effect of flashbang is reduced by a couple of seconds.
Ammo Penetration (Zombie Mode) All Zombie Modes Right after reload, the damage would penetrate the Zombie Armor.
Extra Armor (Zombie Mode) All Zombie Modes When turned into a Zombie, 500 Armor Points is added.
Extra Ammo (Zombie Mode)  All Zombie Modes
You can get 1more extra ammo from supply box.
Move Speed Up (Zombie Mode)  All Zombie Modes When you're a Zombie, you'll get an 8% increase when you respawn.
Zombie Protect Armor All Zombie Modes When you are Human, you are automatically equipped with Zombie Armor (You'll be infected after 2nd infection), when you become a Zombie, 1000 Armor points is added.
Body Armor  All Modes  Reduce All Damage to the Body
Head Armor  All Modes  Reduce All Damage to the Head
ZA Boost Gauge Speed Up ZA Mode Gauge fill upon killing is increased in ZA Mode
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