By GM 02/12/2020
[NOTICE] Bonus Cash Expiration - February 12, 2020
11    02/12/2020

Attention CF Nation

This is in line with the bonus cash duration:

We would like to announce that starting on Feb 19, 2020 all bonus cash that will be acquired will automatically expire after 30 days.
In regards with this, all the bonus cash accumulated on or before Feb 19, 2020 will expire on March 20, 2020 and will be automatically be deleted on March 21, 2020.

Other Bonus Cash FAQs.

1. Unused Bonus Cash will be deleted automatically 30 days after insertion.
- Date of insertion:Jan 01, 2020
- Date of expiry(30 days afer insertion): Jan 31, 2020
- Date of bonus cash deletion: Feb 01, 2020

2. Order of cash exhaustion. Bonus cash will be the first to be used before real cash.
- Player has 100 Bonus Cash and 100 Real Cash. Player bought 100 worth of item. The system will deduct the purchase first on bonus cash before on real cash.

Cash before purchase: 100 Bonus Cash | 100 Real Cash
Cash after purchase: 0 Bonus Cash | 100 Real Cash

3. First in first out. If a player receives bonus cash on two different occasions

- Player won 2000 bonus cash in Event A on January 1. Then he got a 10 bonus cash from topping up 100 ecoin during Midnight Madness Event on January 3
- If both bonus cash are not consumed within 30 days after insertion/acquisition, the 2000 bonus cash will be the first to be deleted on February 1  then the 10 bonus cash will be deleted on February 3 respectively.

We thank you for your never-ending support!


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