By GM 12/26/2019
[NOTICE] 31_10 Fixed - December 26, 2019
3    12/26/2019

Attention CF Nation,

For easy fix, you can proceed with opening your Crossfire PH folder and do the following:

1. Open the backup folder and delete the 1376 and 1377 folders
2. Download the file 
HERE and paste it to your respective game client
3. Run your game client

We thank you very much for your help and for your continuous support!

Attention, CF Nation,

We are aware that some of you are getting 31_9 and 31_10 errors while playing the game. Hence, we found a way to resolve it without server downtime. However, we will need your helping hand to apply the fix on your respective game clients, you will need to download the file below and place it into your game folder.

You may download the file

NOTE: If you are NOT experiencing any problems related to the two errors, namely 31_9 and 31_10, please DO NOT download and apply it to your respective game clients. The file was modified to help the users experiencing this problem, and if your game client isn't affected and you downloaded it and apply it anyway, it will affect your game client and will download larger files.

We are asking for your patience and understanding on this matter.


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