This festival has a lot of lanterns, lamps and a large dragon is going through the whole map. The floor is mostly made of woods as not all the tiles has been placed yet. There are many long alleys and crates in them. As they are all wallbang, they can be deadly to use them as cover. Snipers may also dominate because of the large areas.

Global Risk spawns next to a small train near the cargo at A-Site. If they move foward they will reach B-Site and its cargo immediatly. They often rush their enemy's base since they camp a lot.

Black List spawn in a empty area where they can head foward to either reach A-Site or the bridge. If they go right they can try to rush B-Site or attempt to snipe through the center area. As the center is flooded, it can be hard to stay stealthy unless they walk.

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