This map, as its name suggest, is a soccer stadium with the field serving as main arena for BL and GR. Faction's board are hung up behind each team's goal to remind players where to attack and defend, should they lost direction upon respawning. Two speeding paths (divided at the center, facing each team's goal) gives players a speed boost at their players so they attack or defend faster.

The soccer competition might be held to commemorate the truce and peace agreements made between Black List and Global Risk. Probably after decades of conflicts and zombie outbreaks, both Black List and Global Risk finally put a successful stop on zombie outbreaks together (after ending the Arena Boss Challenge incident), saved the earth, and destroyed the Blitz organization (another faction who separated themselves from Black List) who were responsible for the outbreaks. So both factions commemorate this by arranging a friendly match, which of course, allowing melee weapons to be used in the match since they are mercenaries who were born to face the pain.

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