Distribution Center

Being larger than all other FFA maps, the Distribution Center is filled with barricades, buildings, crates, open windows and balconies. This map has a lot of camping spots, open-field areas as well as closed quarter combat places inside the buildings, making it suitable for everyone with any kind of weapons. To make things more interesting, this map can track soldiers' position to make sure they don't respawn next to another one. This eliminates free kills due to invincibility respawn, making the round more fair for everyone.

There are two mounted FAL Camo with 200 rounds and 20 grenades each. Both located on the second floors on two building; overlooking the area bellow. It fires notably faster than its counterpart in Dinner Theater, but the wide field making it easy for the gunner to be targeted or someone could sneak up and melee attack from behind.

Surprisingly enough, it also offer Melee Only option like other maps and the turret weapons are still functional. It can easily turn into a huge battle to take control of both mounted guns, since soldiers can kill their opponents from long distance without getting shot at. However, as mentioned above, other soldiers can easily sneak up and backstab.

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