Blackwidow TDM
The Bermuda, located near the U.S. Miami state. From the Black List’s surveillance, a structure looks like Global Risk’s underwater base has been found and they’ve located in the Bermuda Triangle Ocean, that the Global Risk’s transport ships were moving actively and thought suspicious of it. So the Black List has looked underwater and they’ve found that there’s a underwater structure underwater.

The Black List has decided to destroy the underwater structure but, the main trouble to do that mission is the radar base near the Bermuda Sea, Puerto Rico. So it became the mission to destroy both radar base and underwater structure. When the radar base is destroyed and the Global Risk’s sight goes to the radar base, another troop of the Black List goes to underwater structure to destroy the building. The first mission is the Radar Base in the East of Puerto Rico! The Black List’s army is moving to destroy under water structure.
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