When the Alaskan Arctic Ocean’s nature resources were at the spotlight, the U.S. have discovered the giant oil land that’s worth 30 billion barrels. The 5% of coal reserves of the world was found on Alaska Railroad but, it became the competition zone of the countries for the resources. And the U.S. has connected a 1000kms long oil pipeline to the location of Valdez. But, the greed of the Russia has sniffed the resource’s worth and it has became to a cold war in the Arctic Ocean. First, they’ve gathered together with the Black List and has invaded the Alaska railroad illegally and took the oil from it. The U.S. has thought there was something wrong with the oil pipeline and has hired the Global Risk to search and they’ve found that they’ve been rubbed. The U.S. has hired the Global Risk to protect the resources and kick out the illegal invasion and there became another war for the resources.
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