Lost Castle

The map contains various different sections, including a museum and a laboratory. Mercenaries spawn in an empty depot near garage doors. Shadows spawn in an empty hall with few statues, which lead to the main hall of the castle. They can either access the hallway that leads to the soldiers, museum or a secret ventilation system.

The long hallway is protected by a spotlight, which detects the Shadow's movement, that moves along the corridor. A small balcony provides soldiers a good view of the museum below them, although there are a whole bunch of planks suspended from the museum's ceiling, which may allow Shadows to reach them without traversing the corridor.

The museum is protected with security lasers that will activate once Shadows block their signal. Some of the windows are broken too, leaving some shards on the ground that increases the sounds of all footsteps when walked on. There is a pedestal located in the center, protecting an ancient tablet, although only the soldiers can break the glass protecting it.

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