Historical Site GM
This version is significantly darker than its counterpart. Main source of lights are yellow stylish chinese lamps instead of the red ones. Also, most rooftops are much flatter. Since there's alot of those, in the map, it's an easy noticeable change, which easily distinguish both versions.

Placing Global Risk spawn in the top middle house (reason why it's pretty much useless in Mutation Mode, etc) and Ghosts at bottom left area. Main sites are the portal with symbols (A-Site) and the temple (which isn't present in Mutation) surrounding the huge Tree of Life (B-Site).

This versions has alot of holes & ramps to facilitate mouvement (mainly for Ghosts) around the map. The balcony is pretty much useless here. Maybe snipers could like this, but knowning that Ghosts can get there faster, it's no use. It's probably one of the best Ghost Mode maps, designed specifically to ease Ghost players mouvement, jumping from rooftops to another (in other word: designed for ninja), all the best ingredient for a cool Ghost Mode map.

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