Historical Site HMX
One of the hardest map for this mode. While it's rather big, it lacks in spots, letting players use their imagination to come up with one before the hosts infection are chosen.

Players usually head to the balcony since it's an effective spot, except when they start to camp near the ladder, it usually screw up in a matter of seconds. The idea is go at the further back and basically spray and pray.

At the portal with symbols, we can camp on one of the lamps, however it would only limit 2 or 3 players max. The temple next to the portal, we can camp in both alley (there's one above it), but need alot of player, 4 recommmanded (2 covering each sides). There's also a rooftop that can defended easily, it's the Γ shaped house (check the minimap in the gallery for reference). Any spots can be improvised with a bit of imagination, they would be harder obviously, but if you succeed, you could be proud of that!

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