Area 13

The map is a vast suburb surrounded by buildings, which few of them can be access. A majority of the map happens to be a main road, reaching most of the buildings. There's a lot of spot for soldiers to defend, from easier to much challenging ones. It is suitable for every Mutation Mode variants and is considered as a classic.

Most interiors are relatively empty, with only few crates while the outside is filled with crates and containers. There are two bus, mainly used as parkour route or spots sometimes. Some spots require massive firepower and a lot of ammunition in order to survive, some other easier one only requires weapons with good knock-back effect.

Most glasses are thin glass, which makes it easy for mutants to infect soldiers through, although it is unfair since glasses are bulletproof. Same deal with most containers that can be access, if a soldier is too close from the side, they could get infected as well. With that knowledge in mind, you can avoid this when camping in certain spots.

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