Opera House

Having a lot of similarities with Crater, this map only have one path to the top, meaning most of the zombies are forced to walk from left to right to get on higher steps until they reach the balcony ramp. However, soldiers are free to move everywhere on the map as much as you like and make zombies go back and forth.

Soldiers spawn on the stage next to a piano playing by itself. At the beginning of each round, the spot lights will indicate where the zombies will first break the walls, thus becoming spawn points for the whole mission. There's a total of three supply stations available for soldiers to refill at any time, one in the middle, two near the main stage.

An extra balcony allows one soldier to pass and may use a mounted Fal Camo. Whenever anyone is on that balcony, few fences pop up and blocks other soldiers. Additionally, a zipline is provided at the main balcony for anyone to use in case of sudden emergency or just a quick way to get down without caring about falling damages.

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