Starting at the bottom of the crater, soldiers are surrounded by various ponds, tunnels and trains. A truck hallway burried into the ground provides an infinite amount of munitions for the whole misison. Zombies will start spawning in the various tunnels around the ground level, then from the trains or directly under their feet.

The map's main way is a large spiral until soldiers reach the fan on top which provides a quick escape route. While it takes time for soldiers to climb, various zombies are able to climb and take certain shortcuts. Most of these shortcuts can only be used to go down, but some can use them to climb back up, that include bosses.

The two mounted Gatling Guns are located on two elevated levels can be used by the player at any time with 500 ammo to spare, which can be refilled when the player replenishes ammunition in the base of the map. These cannot fully rotate, but are still useful during Bonus Waves.

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