Soldiers start in the plaza, a large flat surface, from there, two bridges lead to another part of the plaza or a broken alleyway. The whole area is surrounded by local houses and mountains. Two supply stations are available on two opposite houses with additional supplies every five waves like in other survival maps.

The place has a security system that alert intruders from the four main entries, which all acts as zombies spawns. At the start of each waves, the gates with active zombies spawns will light up and open. It is quite common for all four to open, especially in later waves. It should be noted that this map uses the same zombies spawns as Unearth.

However, the final boss isn't a walk in the park either. In the mountain with the huge tree, lies a cavern covered by a huge rock with an Illuminati symbol on it. During the final wave of normal difficulty, the huge door opens and Chaos emerges once again to hunt some more soldiers while on easy, the usual Titan boss will appear in one of the gates.

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