Thunder Tower

t's a huge tube filled with mechanical machines ready to be destroyed within a disposal waste at the ground level. These robots are traveling downward in a long spiral ramp. They cause few sparks along the way, this is why the whole ramp is divided in two with an electrical force field powered by electrical rods.

These rods mainly serve as indicator to detect which floor the mechs are at. If blue, they reached F1, if red they reached B1. For each mechs that goes to waste, the rods electrocute the whole area (-10 HP). Which means a normal row of mechs would kill every players. Also the mechs shock players too close from them (-2 HP).

The whole tube is low on gravity (similar to Orbital Station), easing the movement for anyone in the facility. If anything, the place provide some jump pad to get on top faster. There are many short tunnels, these are all zombies spawns, but some of them appear from emergency doors on top.

The ground level is a huge industrial fans seems to be served for anti-gravity experiments. Below it, sits the guardian of the place, deep into toxic liquid. Getting too close of the bottom will intoxicate players (-5 HP). When the boss emerge, it destroys the fan in a cutscene, however the anti-gravity device is still functional.

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