Eagle Eye
Not as just simple UNDPKO, but they have requested the intervention of the U.S. and NATO. For this matter, Norway has decided to add a large-scale elite contingent to Kabul, Afghanistan. This decision is very bad for the terrorists in the Afghanistan so if the Norway adds large troops to Kabul, the big sweeping mission of the Southern Afghanistan. To stop this from happening, the Afghanistan rebel army and the terrorists related have requested a mission to stop the Norwegian dispatch of troops to the Black List. The Black List has made plans to destroy the Norway’s biggest gas production base to make opposed dispatch complementary and decided to destroy the secret transmitting station to disturb the Norwegian anti-terror troops. In the mean side, the Global Risk has been requested from the Norwegian Department of Defense to check out the suspicious unit’s movement. When they have sent units to the secret transmitting station, and unexpectedly have met the Black List’s elite units.
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