By CM 02/11/2020
[EVENT] Daily Attendance
26    02/11/2020

Complete 5 game mode (any game mode) to complete the daily requirement to earn rewards.

 Monday  Carbon Lotto (1 pc)
 Golden Sheep Hat (7 days)
 Tuesday  Hexagon Lotto (1 pc)
 Psycho Nano (7 days)
 Wednesday  Molokai Lotto (1 pc)
 Police Baton (7 days)
 Thursday  Megaphone Server (30 pcs)
 Golden Laser Lotto (1 pcs)
 Friday  Arms Race Lotto (1 pc)
 Anti Smoke Helmet (7 days)
 Saturday  Chill Collection Lotto (5 pcs)
 Balloon Grenade (7 days)
 Sunday  Dragonfury Lotto (5 pcs)
 Flash Bang Guard (7 days)

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